Monday, 22 October 2012

Bottlenose Dolphins 21/10/2012

A remarkable series of reports for Sunday 21st October, with a pod of well over 100 Bottlenose Dolphins traveling slowly south along the Northumberland coast from Cocklawburn in the north to Newbiggin by the Sea in southeast Northumberland (latest report received by the North East Cetacean Project at 16:30).

Friday, 12 October 2012

Recent MARINElife North Sea Ferry Survey sightings from DFDS Seaways

Immingham to Esbjerg 7-9 Sept, Jutlandia Seaways
Common Seal with Grey Seal 325 (hauled out)

Immingham to Cuxhaven 14-16 Sept, Hafnia Seaways
Harbour Porpoise 1

Immingham to Brevik 23-26 Sept, Petunia Seaways
Harbour Porpoise 19
Minke Whale 2
Grey Seal 12

Felixstowe to Vlaardingen 25 Sept, Flandria Seaways
Minke Whale 1

Rosyth to Zeebrugge 14-15 Sept, Finlandia Seaways
White-Beaked Dolphin 2
Harbour Porpoise 1
Grey Seal 1

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