Friday, 30 July 2010

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Whitburn sightings

24/07/10 9 Bottlenose Dolphins N (later seen in King Edward's Bay, Tynemouth) (Andy Tait)

25/07/10 1 Minke Whale (Andy Tait)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Minkes! off the King of Scandanavia

ORCA Wildlife Officers recent sightings
24th July Netherlands
Porpoise pods x3
25th July Newcastle
4x Minke whales. 1 breaching x3 times next to ship. 1 porpoising alongside ship. Off Flamborough Head
2x harbour porpoise pods

More cetaceans from the ORCA Wildlife Officers

DFDS Ferry Newcastle-Amsterdam
10th July 2010
Leaving Netherlands 2 x dolphin sp.
17th- 19th minicruise
1 Minke Whale
1 pod of Harbor porpoise
19th - 21st Mini-cruise
1 pod of Harbour porpoise
21st July Leaving Newcastle
1 Minke whale 10 pm off Flamborough Head
2 x porpoise pods
22nd July Netherlands
1 x porpoise pod

Sightings from The King of Scandanavia

Recent sightings from The DFDS Ferry Newcastle-Amsterdam

3rd July 2010
Leaving Newcastle
8 pods of Harbour porpoise
6 Minke whales feeding off Flamborough Head 9.30pm- 11pm
5 Bottlenose dolphins bow riding the ship
5tth July
Leaving Newcastle
1 White beaked dolphin 10.30pm
6th July
Leaving Amsterdam

Harbour porpoise pods
9th July
Leaving Newcastle
5x Bottlenose dolphins

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Exciting times ahead

2 large dolphin sp reported past South Shields yesterday (P. Collins)and a belated report, to the Northeast Cetacean Project, of 200 White-beaked Dolphins off Eyemouth in June. Angling charter boats are reporting increasing numbers of WBD so we could be in for a better year than the rather sparse 2008 and 2009.