Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Northeast Cetacean Project Transect Survey 05/07/2011

Plenty of swell and a strengthening southeasterly combined to make surveying impossible this afternoon (waves crashing over the boat every few minutes...) but the morning produced the sort of sightings we dream of;

Minke Whale 1 off Alnmouth

White-beaked Dolphin 6 bow-riding for 12mins from 2mi off Druridge Pools to a point 1.8mi E of Coquet Island

Sightings 03/07/2011

03/07/2011 White-beaked Dolphin ~10 between Druridge Pools and Cresswell (I.D. Robson)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

White-beaked Dolphins 02/07/2011

3 off Wansbeck Estuary 08:30 joined up with 12-15 further offshore by 09:30 (A. Priest)

several pods 25-30mi SE of the Tyne (A Skinner/SarahJFK)

Friday, 1 July 2011

White-beaked Dolphins 01/07/2011

A rush of sightings, possibly all relating to the same pod;

01/07/2011 White-beaked Dolphin 4 breaching off Lynemouth Bay 13:50-14:00 (Northern Experience Wildlife Tours)

01/07/2011 White-beaked Dolphin 8-10 Church Point, Newbiggin 14:38 (A Priest)

01/07/2011 White-beaked Dolphin 10+ off Seaton Sluice for 2hrs this evening (B Dack)